What's the 411 on Cabales Serrada Escrima

This fighting technique was introduced in Stockton, California, United States in 1966. Serrada Eskrima utilizes the art of stickfighting as well as Espada y Daga techniques. Serrada eskrima is usually practiced at close (also known as corto) range. The word Serrada means "to close" in Spanish, and Escrima means to skirmish.

Angel Cabales is the founder of Cabales Serrada Escrima. Angel was born in 1917 on the Island of Panay, in the Philippines, an island in the Vissayan Sea. At the age of 17 he moved to the Island of Cebu where he worked on the lawless docks and met his friend and coworker Felicisimo Dizon. Felicisimo became his mentor in the Filipino martial arts of Escrima. Felicisimo and four others practiced in the alleys and rooftops of Cebu City. Dizon's system of Escrima utilized 56 angles of attack, but Angel to eliminate redundancy, condensed the art down to 12 angles of attack. There are numerous counters for each angle. Three-step-drill, lock-n-block and sparring are three drills that are also done empty handed, that are exclusive to Serrada. There are empty hand fighting skills that translate from the technique learned in weapon training and the same techniques also translate to knife defenses. The empty hand grappling or dumog indigenes to the Philippines are also as devastating as the weapon portion of the art. Serrada is known as a close in martial art, and is also known for the effectiveness of its countering abilities not seen in many other systems of Filipino Martial Arts.