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Anthony is a detailed-oriented, conscientious manager of people, process and ideas. He has a passion for customer service and an intense desire to ensure client satisfaction. I worked with Anthony for about 2 years and hold him and his abilities in very high regard.
David C.

Anthony and I worked during some peak times at Commerce One. He managed his accounts with enthusiasm and there was always a collaborative effort with him to maintain client satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend him. His technical and soft skills will be welcomed in any organization.
Glen G.

Anthony is a thorough, detail-oriented technical account manager who is a pleasure to work with. He is a team player, carries himself very professionally, and I could always count on Anthony to get things done.”
Dimitri D.

“I have worked with Anthony for over 20 years. He worked for me as a Technical Account Manager at Commerce One. I have always found Anthony to be a talented and technical individual. Customers have always appreciated his professionalism and tehcnical abitilities in solving their most challenging problems. Anthony is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and has always been a pleasure to work with
Ralph P.

I had the pleasure of working with Anthony Wade at Commerce One where he was a Technical Account Manager in Support Organization. Anthony worked with key accounts and most difficult customers. As the customer advocate he successfully worked with support engineers and the development team to resolve customer’s issues. His work was highly praised. I would recommend Anthony without reservation
Angela M.

Anthony is undoubtedly a wonderful technical resource, with great problem solving skills, but let's not overlook the skills that make him a positive, valuable employee: Anthony is one of the very best relationship builders in the business. He is bright, articulate, and he meets the problem situations with a smile that comes across in person, or on the phone. He gets the job done through people in a win-win manner that limits "back slips" and compromises.

Casey M.