Grand Master Pete Morales

Professor Pete Morales was born in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii.
He began his Martial Arts training under Jiro Nakamura and Clarence Takinuma.
In 1959 he received his 1st degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and also received his initial Kajukenbo training under the noted Kajukenbo founder Sijo Adriano Emperado.
In 1960 he moved to northern California and trained on his own.
In 1970 he resumed his Kajukenbo training under Great Grandmaster Charles Gaylord, in 1973 became the Head instructor of Gaylord School of Karate in Fremont, CA.
In 1974 at the request of his private students at the time he founded Golden Dragon School of Karate in Newark, California.
During the next 26 years over 9,000+ students wore the White top/Black bottom GI of the school, which was well known on the tournament circuit in Northern California.

He closed Golden Dragon in late 1999 to spend more time with his family and grandchildren.

A total of 27 Kajukenbo 1st degree Black Belts were promoted under Grand Master Morales at Golden Dragon School of Karate. To date Grand Master Morales has a total of 36 Black Belts.

He currently serves as an advisor to the Kajukenbo Association of America and served as Vice-President of the Kajukenbo Association of America for over 15 years.
He currently holds the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt, Grand Master.