Great Grand Master Charles H. Gaylord

GRANDMASTER CHARLES H. GAYLORD Grandmaster Gaylord has been actively training in the art of Kajukenbo for over 52 years. In 1980 He received his 9th degree Black Belt from the Kajukenbo founder, Sijo Adriano Emperado. Grandmaster Gaylord began his training in Hawaii under Kajukenbo Black Belt George (Paul) Seronio. In the early 1960s he moved to Northern California where he began teaching in San Leandro. He brought to the mainland the effective hard and heavy hitting style of Kajukenbo which he had learned from his instructors. Over the years, has developed his internal and external Martial Arts Skills through practical application training, along with meditation and constant research of mind over body studies. In September 1995, the K.A.A. and all of its Black Belts promoted Grandmaster Gaylord to the honorary rank of 10th degree Black Belt. The K.A.A. believes that this was necessary to ensure the desired level of excellence for their organization. Since then, Sijo Emperado has also recognized him as such. Grandmaster Gaylord has been recognized and inducted into three Martial Arts Hall of Fame:

The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Grandmaster July 12th, 1997.
Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame, for Life Time Achievement July 20th, 2000.
The North American Martial Arts Hall of Fame, September 16th, 2000.